Autism & Asperger’s

There are many therapists in Nassau County and a myriad of social groups offered. So, why me? What am I offering that’s any different?

Prior to becoming a Psychotherapist I served the autism community for over a decade in different capacities and settings. In working as an ABA therapist, Behavior Evaluator ABA Trainer, Parent Coach, classroom teacher, advocate, etc. my work with the community became increasingly intentional and rich with each experience. Autism kind of became a part of me and the way I see the world.

Early in my training to become a Psychotherapist, studying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I naturally saw the potential to serve “high functioning” members of the ASD community to address many of the issues that had been shared with me over the years, issues that often persisted even with medication; issues beyond the scope of ABA: anxiety, sadness/depression, feeling like an outsider, impulsivity, etc. My approach in Psychotherapy with young people and adults is a mixture of my eclectic work experience and the insight gained from close and meaningful relationships with individuals and families impacted by autism and Asperger’s.

Individual Therapy

by appointment


Group Therapy

Approaching the Barrier: People with “high functioning” autism and Asperger’s who want more out of life

This group offers a common ground for people with “high functioning” autism and Asperger’s to explore their gifts and struggles with like minded individuals in a therapeutic environment. More than a social group or ABA group, this is an existential therapeutic experience that will encourage you to dig deep, explore your vulnerability, fears, anxieties, and triumphs. It is a platform for growth and celebration. Exploring CBT strategies to address unhelpful thoughts and feelings, conceptualize new behavior and to putting it all into practice is just one facet of this experience. The primary focus is experience, self-acceptance, expression and connection.

$30 per session through private pay, payable by cash, credit/debit, check, quickPay

Fortress of Solidarity: Caregivers of people on the spectrum

This group offers individuals in the increasingly common, yet still very unique position of caring for persons with autism or Asperger’s, a fortress of solidarity. As a caregiver you may feel that you are already surrounded by other caregivers of individuals with autism or Asperger’s, so how is this different? There are many things that can hinder the development of fully supportive relationships in social groups. This group is a unique opportunity to engage in a therapeutic environment among like minded individuals, with focus on you, your needs, your growth, YOUR goals (when was the last time you thought about those?). As group cohesion begins to strengthen, you will find yourself with the opportunity to really dig deep, explore your experience, share, and process things deeply with support.

$30 per session through private pay, payable by cash, credit/debit, check, quickPay