I was really satisfied with our sessions,  I left our meeting feeling positive and encourage. She’s very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I’ll be going to her from now on and will definitely  recommended her to anyone who needs help . Thank you Xylina



As a first-time client, I found Xylina to be an warm, approachable therapist. She was extremely knowledgeable and non-judgmental during our session. Talking to her was like talking to one of my friends which made me relax much faster than I thought I would. If you’re interested in seeing a therapist I absolutely reccomend Xylina for the job.



Never was a huge advocate for therapy, always had the macho, “I’ll figure it out on my own approach”. But Ms. Rodriguez was highly recommended for my anxiety issues ( as well as other issues I was dealing with). Xylina was warm, comforting, understanding, patient, and very flexible. Rather than give advice, she listened to my (at times) scattered thoughts, and made sense of a lot of the things I was feeling. Ms. Rodriguez never judged. I felt like I was able to tell her anything, which allowed me to be very open and honest with her. She was very professional with me, but at the same time, made me feel like an equal. She identified why I might be feeling things I’ve felt, she identified things that were triggering my feelings, as well as reoccurring patterns. When I step out of our session(s), I feel like a huge weight gets lifted off my shoulders and it’s truly therapeutic. Speaking to someone genuine actually helped me so much. I am grateful Xylina was recommended to me, and it would be completely selfish to not recommend her to whoever is reading this.