Prenatal & Parenting

Can one ever be fully prepared for the turbulence that is parenthood? Even the best laid plans often fall flat in the light of reality. Even through joy and excitement, one can often experience guilt, anxiety, fear, and depression simultaneously. Maybe you’re having trouble understanding how you’re feeling and why.

I’ve joined with many mothers, fathers, and caregivers both biological and adoptive, to facilitate a smooth, self-accepting, and joyful transition into this phase of life. In working individually, as a dyad (caregiver-child), as a family, or in group we can kickstart, foster or even repair healthy attachment, healthy maternal/paternal mental and emotional fortitude and joy in the journey.

In a time when you’re whole world has become about your baby’s needs (and perhaps the needs of your other children as well) let me create a space where your needs can be spoken and met. Let’s create a space where your fears and anxieties can be named and overcome. Let’s get to the joy.

Call to make an appointment 516-256-9089

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