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Xylina Rodriguez

Please note: For the time being, in order to protect your safety through social distancing, all sessions will be conducted via telehealth. Face to face sessions will resume in the future.

Times have been pretty difficult lately. Perhaps you’ve struggled with anxiety for a long while and recent events are pushing you to the breaking point. Perhaps you’re someone who has never really noticed any struggles with anxiety until now. Either way anxieties are pretty high right now and therapy can help.

Together we can work to develop awareness, a plan and strategies to help you breathe easier, to feel more centered, stronger and grounded.

You have the ability to manage this. I can help. Typically, this means quickly developing Cognitive-Behavioral and mindfulness strategies to lower anxiety in the short term then continuing to develop a strong understanding of the nature of anxiety. We will explore and develop an appreciation of the power of anxiety and its benefits while minimizing its limiting effect on your life.

You will feel stronger, you will feel clearer, you will be more at ease.


50 Minute Individual Session $160

50 Minute Couple/Family Session $200

I look forward to hearing from you.

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